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Math Center

Math Center

The Math Center is your place for free one-on-one tutoring in math. It is also a place to do your math homework by yourself or in a study group with others in the center. We will help any CBU student with a math question or problem. We provide assistance in a warm and congenial atmosphere. We can get you through the toughest homework problem. We're here to help you learn math.

Math Center Director:  Br. Joel Baumeyer, F.S.C., Ph.D.
Location:  Cooper-Wilson 321
 (901) 321-3442
e-mail:  baumeyer@cbu.edu

Tutor Schedule Summer 2017:  (These are times tutors are available. The Math Center may be available for private and group study at other times throughout the day.)  
     Sunday:  closed
     Monday through Friday 9:30 AM till 11:00 AM  not yet determined 4:15 till 5:15
     Monday through Thursday 9:30 AM till 11:00 AM
     Saturday:  closed.
For a complete list of tutors, their competencies and the schedule for Summer 2017  click here:  Not yet available.