We realize that you may have questions, so please take a look at the Campus Ministry FAQs that we’ve compiled below.

When is Mass? How do I get involved with Mass?

The weekday Mass schedule is Monday-Friday from 12:00pm – 12:30pm in De La Salle (Stritch) Chapel. The Sunday evening Mass is student-led and open to the public. Please contact the sacristan or one of the campus ministers if you would like to be an altar server, lector, Eucharistic minister, or musician.

Is Campus Ministry at Christian Brothers University exclusively for Catholics?

No! While Catholic in ethos, Campus Ministry at Christian Brothers University strives to support all students in their continual spiritual development while respecting individual faith backgrounds. With different faiths represented throughout our campus staff and student community, we seek to reach everyone through effective programming, individualized attention, and community sharing.

I am not Catholic. How do I become involved in Campus Ministry?

This is a frequent question — with many possibilities. Non-Catholics are invited to all liturgical experiences and retreat opportunities offered by Campus Ministry. The community at CBU is very welcoming and inclusive of all individuals. In addition, the campus offers opportunities for Bible Study and small group sharing. HeBrews, a weekly faith-filled coffeehouse, meets every Tuesday at 8:00 pm in Buckman Hall. Lasallian Collegians is another organization that is open to people of all faiths as they explore the Founder, his ministry, his principles, and his legacy. The opportunities are endless. We also welcome any additional suggestions you might have to expand our ministry!

What does it mean to be Lasallian? Who are the Brothers? What does “FSC” mean?

As a part of the CBU community, YOU are Lasallian. To be Lasallian means that we follow the five core principles of the Founder and appreciate a holistic education. The Brothers of the Christian Schools is a religious order of men who have committed themselves to educating youth. Active in 89 countries, the Brothers have been transforming lives since 1680. The Brothers have “FSC” after their name, representing fratres scholarum christianum – which simply translated is “Brothers of the Christian schools.”

Do I have to be Catholic to receive the Eucharist at Mass?

Yes, however, non-Catholics can come forward for a blessing from the priest.

Where is the Campus Ministry Suite and De La Salle Chapel?

The Campus Ministry suite is located in the east breezeway on the lower level of the Thomas Center across from the Buc Grill. The Campus Ministry staff have offices in this suite, and when you visit us, expect to be greeted with friendly smiles and a warm welcome.

The De La Salle (Stritch) Chapel is a part of the CBU campus and easily accessed off of Avery Avenue. De La Salle (often called “Stritch” by the CBU Community) serves as the chapel of the Lambert Hall community of the Brothers, and it is also used by the campus community for liturgical events. The chapel can be available for private reflection with advance notice. Contact Campus Ministry for more information.

Can I setup an appointment to talk to one of the campus ministers?

Absolutely.  You are welcome to click on the “Campus Ministry Team” page in this section to email a campus minister directly and privately. While our schedules are often very tight, we are committed to our campus community — students, staff, and faculty. Our greatest joy is to help others in their journey through CBU and beyond.