The members of the Board of Trustees constitute the legal Directors of Christian Brothers University with general responsibility for management of the University in keeping with its philosophy and purposes. The Board sustains the mission of the University within the traditions of the Christian Brothers, selects the President, approves the budget and the educational program, confers honorary degrees, and institutes and promotes major fundraising efforts of the University.

History of the Board

Until the 1966 academic year, the Board of Trustees consisted solely of representatives from the Brother’s Community, in addition to the Bishop of Nashville, with the St. Louis Provincial serving as the Chairman. The 1970-71 academic year was a period of transition for the Board of Trustees. For the first time, laymen were appointed to the Board of Trustees while others continued to serve on the Board of Regents. In different years, the board names varied from the “Board of Directors” (1947-1949) to the “Board of Trustees” (1949-1967) and back to the “Board of Directors” (1967-1970) to the current title of “Board of Trustees” (1970-present). In the years from 1947-1971, the Board of Directors/Board of Trustees were supplemented with boards of various titles — the Advisory Board or the Board of Regents. The present system, with only a Board of Trustees, began in 1972.


LOUIS (BO) ALLEN (’95), Chair
EMILY SAWYER GREER (’84), Vice Chair
CATHY ROSS (’78), Secretary
JOHN WIGLEY (’91), NAB President
DAVID L. ARCHER, President of the University


Robert H. Buckman
Br. Francis Carr, FSC
Judge J. Robert Carter (’77)
Dr. Jason Chandler (’94)
Tyree Daniels (’01)
Br. Chris Englert, FSC (’77)
Richard L. Erickson Jr. (’90)
Br. Michael Fehrenbach
John R. Lammers
Maria T. Lensing (’01, MEM ’07)
James Maclin Jr. (’96)
Bishop Robert Marshall Jr. (’80)
Bert Nappier
Paul Posey Jr. (’89, MBA ’08)
Beverly Robertson
Christopher Singer (’83)
Dr. Altha Stewart (’73)
Greg Wanta

Trustees Emeriti

Joseph F. Birch Jr., AFSC (’78)
Bena Cates
Richard T. Gadomski, AFSC (’62)
Robert G. McEniry, AFSC
Joyce Mollerup