Our Florist/Floral partner, Pugh’s Flowers and the representative is Debbie Crawford McCown. The company and the representative are located in the greater Memphis area.  Michael Pugh, CFO is an alumni from CBU’s MBA program. Pugh’s Flowers has an events coordinator that will assist Christian Brothers staff with our larger events, i.e., graduation, alumni events, gala. For the departments that will utilize those services a contact will be provided.

Pugh’s has developed a website specific for Christian Brothers with arrangements that are consistent with our brand.  (https://www.pughs.com/cbu/)  There will be small seasonal offerings available as well. Departments will contact Human Resources with expressions of concern, and orders will be placed accordingly. Alternates to floral arrangements may be considered: Fruit and Gourmet Baskets, Plants, Stuffed Animals.

This preferred vendor will replace those previously used, Pianos, Darling Flowers, and Rachel’s, et al.

Be advised that if purchases are made personally or from a non-designated vendor, the expense will not be reimbursed. Purchases made with a CBU credit card to a non-contracted vendor, will not be reimbursed and the cardholder will be responsible.    

For memorials and honorariums the office of Human Resources will complete and submit a check requisition for the amount of the donation. If necessary, the office of Human Resources will contact the charitable organization to obtain the required federal identification number.

We understand how important it is to show empathy and share our Lasallian values to members of our CBU community when they experience a life changing event(s). It is part of what makes us a unique community. In an effort to streamline this process across the University, the below policy has been implemented.

All expressions of concern (i.e. floral arrangements for funerals, celebrations, etc.) must be routed through the operational procedure above. Any purchases made outside of this procedure will be considered personal expenses and will not be reimbursed. If individuals use their CBU issued Purchasing Card for unapproved charges, reimbursement to the University should occur no later than 30 days from the transaction date.