Reporting to the Title IX Team

Individuals are encouraged to report concerns by email to:

A team member will respond during business hours. Our Team strives to treat every individual with dignity, equity, and kindness. 

Team members are trained to listen, take reports, and guide individuals to appropriate on and off campus resources. Impacted individuals will receive information about resources, support, reporting options to the University and/or law enforcement, the disciplinary process, and supportive measures. The majority of CBU employees are considered private resources meaning they will only share information on a need-to-know basis.

Resources and Support 

The University provides information on how to obtain counseling, spiritual, or medical assistance on or off campus.

The University will provide appropriate protective or academic measures to preserve and restore access to individual’s living, working, and learning environment. ​ 

Reporting Confidentially

Individuals reporting discrimination based on sex or gender-based harassment may remain completely anonymous if they report incidents through a professionally licensed counselor. 

The University’s response to anonymous reports is limited or impossible.

Confidential Resources (No duty to report to the Title IX Coordinator)

Health | Confidential
University Health Services: ​
For Students​
(901) 321-3260 ​

Mental Health | Confidential 
University Counseling Center
For Students
(901) 676-1319

Methodist Health Employee Assistance Program
For employees​
(901) 683-5658 ​

Off-Campus Advocacy Services
Shelby County Crime Victims & Rape Crisis Center:
(901) 222-3950 for immediate help
(M–F, 8 am – 4:30 pm)​

Young Women’s Christian Association in Memphis:
(901) 725-4277, Dating & Domestic Violence 24-hour Crisis Helpline

Off-Campus Health Services
Methodist University Hospital: ​
For Students & Employees​
(901) 516-7000​

Private Resources (must report to Title IX Coordinator)

The majority of employees, including the Title IX Team, Campus Police, Faculty, and Staff are private resources meaning they must report potential violations to the Title IX Coordinator.

Reporting parties have the right and can expect to have incidents of sexual misconduct be taken seriously by the University when formally reported, and to have those incidents investigated and resolved through administrative procedures.

Law Enforcement 
Campus Policy & Safety: ​
For Students & Employees​

  • Dial 3550 from a campus phone
  • Dial 321-3550 from a cell phone or off campus. ​
  • On campus, dial 9, then 911 for emergencies.​
  • Off Campus Emergency: 911

Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Robert Dotson, Dean of Students, will respond and manage allegations against students.
(901) 321-3254 |

Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Theresa Jacques, Associate VP, Human Resources Director will respond and manage allegations against employees or visitors.
(901) 321-3474 |