Each year, five senior students are selected for the distinction of CBU Lasallian Fellow because they embody the values set forth by CBU’s founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. These awards are presented based upon the reflection of Lasallian values in their scholarship, leadership, and service. Students are nominated to be CBU Lasallian Fellows by CBU faculty and staff because of their commitment to the underserved, their sensitivity to social and community needs, the active nature of their faith, and the difference they make in the world.

The CBU Lasallian Fellows are made possible through the generosity of CBU Trustee Emerita Joyce A. Mollerup and her husband, Trustee Robert (Bob) Buckman.

CBU Lasallian Fellows Class of 2024

CBU Lasallian Fellows


(English ’24)

Lacey took the University by storm in her first years — the CBU Honors Program, President’s Ambassador, Resident Assistant, Peer Mentor, Orientation Guide, and SGA senator. After balancing a variety of extracurricular activities and a full course load, Lacey chose to focus her energies on the CBU Honors Program during her junior and senior years. She has been a true gift to the program, serving as President of the CBU Honors Board for multiple terms. In this role, Lacey has tirelessly collaborated with other program members to establish a robust calendar of events and advocate for a wide range of initiatives each semester.   

Speaking of advocacy, she has truly become an advocate for her peers, her passions, and herself while at CBU. As she has come to know herself, Lacey also understands the power of supporting friends and peers through their own journey of self-discovery. A woman of deep faith, Lacey has embraced the Founder’s desire that individuals “follow the inspirations that come from God.” As her nominator stated, Lacey is “a human who desires to know herself well, so she can deeply know others, and in return, deeply know God.” 

Widely respected by members of the CBU community, Lacey seeks to return that respect with all her interactions. She leads with heart, whether leading a meeting, tutoring a fellow student, or coordinating a campus event. Lacey receives this CBU Lasallian Fellows distinction because of her undeniable passion for CBU and respect for all she encounters. 


(Business Administration ’24)

Areli Cortes is a Business Administration major from South Dakota. While at CBU, Areli has been a resident assistant and involved with Voices United, the Hispanic Student Association, the Gender-Sexuality Alliance, Delta Sigma Pi, the business social fraternity, and the Sustainability Coalition.   In addition to the wide array of organizational involvement, Areli has worked closely with the Office of Student Success and the Division of Student Flourishing.  

At her core, Areli has a heart for service and social justice. She often makes sandwiches for St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen, volunteers with various campus food and clothing drives, and has revitalized the Student Sustainability Coalition. In addition to her work at CBU, she has spent the last summers working with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Dakota and the South Dakota Voices for Peace. 

Additionally, Areli is a natural community-builder. As a resident assistant, Areli was widely respected by the student staff and her residents. Dependable, approachable, and affirming are just a few of the words regularly heard regarding her character. Areli also believes in the power of a personal invitation. Whether it’s membership into the business fraternity, the Dia de Los Muertos event she’s helped plan, or a quick errand for a friend around Memphis, Areli is always there for her peers.

One of the hallmarks of our Founder and first Brothers was to live with an authentic zeal –  zeal for education, faith, and others. For her zeal and the sense of belonging she fosters in her peers, Areli is recognized as a member of the CBU Lasallian Fellows Class of 2024. 


(Chemical Engineering ’24)

 Andrew Leborious hails from Warner Robbins, Georgia. One might describe him as humble, devoted, faithful, and willing. These are the same characteristics the Founder sought in the earliest Brothers in 17th-century France. De La Salle wrote, “Preach by example, and practice before the eyes of the young what you wish them to accept.”  Andrew’s example certainly leaves a lasting impact on those whom he encounters.

A freshman during the height of the coronavirus, he admits he spent much of his first semester in his room. However, he has since made the most of the opportunities afforded him. Andrew is seemingly everywhere – balancing a demanding academic schedule, extracurricular activities, and internships with local firms.  

A man of deep faith, it doesn’t take one long to realize just how important family is to Andrew. The fourth of five brothers, he understands the value of community and works tirelessly to create such for his peers. With many siblings, Andrews often operates “behind the scenes” without much fanfare or the spotlight. A true servant-leader, Andrew happily gives his time to ensure others at CBU are provided a premium experience.

Andrew has had many leadership opportunities at CBU. As president of the student activities council, Andrew works closely with the Division of Student Development & Campus Life – leading a committee of students to develop and execute a variety of activities for the student body. Additionally, he has served faithfully as a resident assistant in the LLC and Capstone Apartments for three years. Andrew has been working to establish a new social fraternity on campus for the last year, with their colonization effective in Spring 2024. In addition to this array of activities, Andrew is often found tutoring a fellow student with a challenging subject matter.

Respected by peers and faculty alike, Andrew is most deserving of the CBU Lasallian Fellows distinction.  


(Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Mathematics 24)

Chase came to CBU as a Pascal Fellow in the Fall of 2020. Chase spent his first years at CBU involved with the CBU Men’s Rugby Team – serving as team captain.  Chase has also been involved with the CBU Honors Program, the Student Activities Council, the Emerging Leaders Program, Theta Tau, an engineering social fraternity, and the Mathematical Association of America.

Academically, Chase is a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society, which recognizes the top ten percent of students in the academic disciplines. He also serves as a math center tutor, calculus lab facilitator, and research assistant for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He also spent his summer interning with the Valero Refinery in Memphis.

Chase has always been mission-focused—realizing the impact one individual can make. Heavily involved with Hopewell Baptist Church in Savannah, Tennessee, he has attended service trips to Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee – assisting with disaster relief efforts. While in Memphis, Chase has been involved with various food-insecurity initiatives and has partnered with others to provide internet access to underserved populations.   

Through his academic pursuits and extracurricular involvement, Chase has embodied the Lasallian mantra found on all our doorways – Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve. For his academic excellence, his involvement at CBU, and his heart for service, Chase has been bestowed the title of CBU Lasallian Fellow. 


(Management ’24)

Nashayla Yancey embodies the core principle of “inclusive community.”  Throughout her time at CBU, she has served the campus in a variety of capacities – both inside and outside the classroom. With a variety of leadership positions in several registered student organizations, to serving as a peer mentor and orientation guide, Nashayla fosters a strong sense of belonging amongst any group she encounters — striving to meet each person where they are while encouraging a growth mindset. 

Within the gates of CBU, she serves in leadership positions with the NAACP chapter at CBU, as a president’s ambassador for the admissions office, as a resident assistant for the division of student development & campus life, and as a retreat leader for campus ministry. In each role, Nashayla authentically gives of herself – her faith, undeniable; her dedication, steadfast; and her spirit, unshakeable.  

Nashayla was chosen as a SERVE Fellow in the Binghampton community in partnership with the Center for Community Engagement. In this capacity, Nashayla represents the University to our community partners. As one nominator wrote, she is fueled daily by an “immense faith that God will provide everything she needs, as long as she continues to serve Him and the many others around her.” 

Nashayla’s impact on the lives of so many at the corner of East Parkway and Central is undeniable. With a deep devotion to CBU and for touching the hearts of those whom God has entrusted, Nashayla is the final member of the CBU Lasallian Fellows Class of 2024.