Each year, five senior students are selected for the distinction of CBU Lasallian Fellow because they embody the values set forth by CBU’s founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. These awards are presented based upon the reflection of Lasallian values in their scholarship, leadership and service. Students are nominated by CBU faculty and staff because of their commitment to the underserved, their sensitivity to social and community needs, the active nature of their faith, and the difference they make in the world.

The CBU Lasallian Fellowships are made possible through the generosity of CBU Trustee Emerita Joyce A. Mollerup and her husband, Trustee Robert (Bob) Buckman.

(L-R) Interim President Dave Archer, Sam Boysen, Iman Kabir, Fatou Sow, Sarah Laney, Kyler Leasure, and Brother Patrick Conway, FSC

CBU Lasallian Fellows Class of 2022


(Business Administration ’22)

Sam Boysen exhibits authentic leadership by merging his three loves: CBU, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and fundraising. Sam led his fraternity to record-setting fundraising for ALSAC/St. Jude while supporting volunteer efforts for the organization. He arranged and implemented CBU’s first “No More Cancer Rally,” bringing members of the CBU community together to raise money while supporting volunteering and fundraising efforts. He has completed two different internships for ALSAC, where he presented innovative ways to engage partners and industry leaders in new fundraising efforts to the Executive Leadership team. He also created a portfolio proxy for corporate partners of sister charities and analyzed data in order to present correlations between funds raised and industry trends and presented an innovation project for developing strategies and next steps for acquiring, cultivating, and upselling partners. Sam also serves the CBU community through the Student Activity Council, where he has held the positions of Vice President of Finance and, most recently, President. Facing the unique challenges brought about by COVID, Sam worked as the liaison between SAC and the CBU administration to implement virtual events and create strategies for ongoing socially-distanced activities. He also cultivated relationships with local businesses and vendors in the Memphis area to ensure that CBU students have access to a plethora of opportunities and campus events. Sam also serves on the School of Business Student Advisory Board. Throughout these various service and leadership positions, he always listens respectfully to others around him, treating their opinions and ideas with grace and love, and has an ability to cool those with more heated or emotional personalities, guiding everyone to a resolution or consensus with a relaxed, confident style.


(Business Administration ’22)

As a recipient of CBU’s Leadership Scholarship, Iman entered CBU already recognized for her innate ability to influence others. Throughout her time at CBU, she has continued to embody servant leadership through her work both on and off campus. Iman is committed to an inclusive community at CBU and beyond. On campus, Iman started an International Club to help CBU students learn more about and appreciate the cultures of others. She also reached out to the University of Memphis and Rhodes College to participate in the International Club, so all could benefit from the educational events she organized. She believes understanding the background and experiences of peers is a first step towards respect and inclusivity on our campus and beyond. In addition to attending CBU full-time, Iman also attends Amity University, where she is learning Arabic and more about her Islamic faith through a program called ALIPH. When students graduate, they can go into full time ALIPH, learning Islamic knowledge to better prepare themselves for getting their doctorate in Islamic knowledge from Gobal University in Beirut, Lebanon. While she has not yet decided whether she will continue her education at Gobal, Iman currently takes classes with its graduates, learning matters that pertain to the rules of the religion and the four schools and their scholars. Outside of CBU, Iman is a long-term intern at Forrest Spence Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to helping with non-medical needs of chronically and critically ill children. She has also served as a volunteer at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for almost six years, organizing and participating in special events for the patients and their families, and at the Memphis Food Bank for the past three years, where she assists with the monthly distribution of groceries to families at the Landers Center. Iman’s obvious acceptance of all creates an environment where others feel safe to express their authentic selves, and her loving, kind spirit makes others feel welcome and included.


(Biology ’22)

Sarah Laney is a strong student leader who has been serving the CBU community since the day she arrived on campus. As a Trustee Scholar, it was natural for her to join the CBU Honors Program. She was a standout in her first year in Honors, was unanimously elected to be an Honors Board of Directors member, and she is currently in her third year on the board —which is normally a two-year position, but Sarah stayed on in order to provide continuity and act as a role model for our freshmen and sophomores who have mostly only experienced the program thus far through the lens of COVID. Sarah organized and led dozens of events to accomplish the Honors Program mission of “making great students even greater,” such as hosting a three-day camping retreat for 20 people and planning a tourism weekend in another city. Whether it was through participating in September of Service events, extending kindness to a random stranger, or volunteering with various student organizations and CBU departments, Sarah has invested deeply in CBU and in many organizations at CBU. As a freshman, Sarah became a student leader in STARS and has been its president for the past two years, diligently working to create an inclusive community for our students on the autism spectrum. She has hosted events, mentored students, organized programming, and been a wonderful and loving role model. She has reached out to the community to provide fundraisers for Harwood Center and Autism Speaks, and partnered with L’Arche, an organization based out of St. Louis that supports people with a variety of developmental disabilities, to host a joint event on campus to raise awareness of people with different abilities. Through these communities, Sarah’s presence has helped uplift, encourage, and advance student success and a sense of belonging for so many individuals — providing a living presence of our Lasallian principles, especially Respect for All Persons, Quality Education, and Inclusivity. As a future health professional who is looking to dedicate her life to bettering the lives of others, Sarah has already displayed strong leadership and hard work to bring our university community closer and to promote
mutual understanding among its members.


(Civil Engineering ’22)

During his freshman year, Kyler began to understand what it means to be part of our Lasallian community as a student-athlete with CBU’s Track & Field program. As an upperclassman, Kyler continues to avail himself of the opportunities provided him, joining several campus organizations and making the most of internship opportunities through CBU Career Services. Kyler has had internships and externships with Methodist Le Bonheur Corporate, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Nissan, AutoZone, Southern Alliance of Clean Energy, Tioga Environmental, and the Assisi Foundation. He is currently a Land Development Intern with Fisher Arnold. Throughout his academic journey, Kyler remains a steady student, known for “giving his all” in his coursework. He co-authored a publication with fellow students and a professor and has served on the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge Teams. He has stated that his passion for engineering is driven by his love for the Earth and the people on it. “I am extremely interested in water and the soil because it is the base of our world.” Outside the classroom, Kyler is a proud member of the Nu-Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, serving most recently as chapter president while also assuming leadership at a regional level. From this leadership role in Greek life — an arena that can sometimes nurture exclusivity — Kyler has worked hard on many occasions to build cross-council and cross-cultural relationships and to
promote inclusivity and mutual respect. In addition to these contributions academically and fraternally, Kyler has served CBU as a Resident Assistant, a CBU Serves leader, and was recognized as an “Emerging Leader” by the CBU Center for Community Engagement. Kyler has a special zeal, a tenacious spirit, and a drive to work hard. He displays mental toughness, putting forth extra effort into not only his commitments, but also his relationships with those around him.


(History Candidate )

With a vibrant spirit and passionate soul, Fatou Sow has carried out the heart of our Lasallian mission as she has lived out her collegiate story at CBU. Fatou has excelled in supporting not only CBU students, but the greater Memphis community as she has lived out our Lasallian principles, especially the principles of Concern for the Poor and Social Justice, Faith in the Presence of God, and Respect for All Persons. As a previous September of Service student leader, she rallied student volunteers and worked with CBU employees to coordinate outreach to various non-profit organizations in the city of Memphis, including organizations that service individuals with housing and food insecurity, minority populations, and individuals who have been marginalized or faced discrimination due to race or ethnicity. Through her service as Vice-President of the Alpha Mu chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Fatou has consistently organized about three community service projects per month that are focused on social justice. Through these experiences, along with her abilities to strongly connect and welcome new students through her role as a President’s Ambassador and Orientation Guide, Fatou has created a strong sense of community and a presence of peace for her peers. She puts her faith in action consistently within the CBU community by working collaboratively and tirelessly with other groups to welcome new students to CBU and familiarize them with our core values. She has been previously recognized with a Lasallian Leadership Award for School Spirit and has served her fellow students on the Student Government Association as Vice President of Campus Relations. Whether she is cheering others on the court as a CBU cheerleader or cheering others on in life as a trusted and loyal friend, Fatou is known for her ability to ensure that others feel seen and appreciated.