Visual Art

As an art student you will be challenged to combine your creative and intellectual talents to create individual and socially relevant works of art. Through campus and city-wide activities, you will develop a sense of community with your fellow students and professors.
Degree Type: BFA

Through small classes as well as individual and personal instruction, the Visual Art major at CBU will help you not only hone your craft but also come to see our world through new eyes.

You will have many opportunities to become aware of global issues in art through local exhibitions, internships, visits to campus by artists from around the world, and study abroad programs. The study of art history is a vital component of the degree program, placing art in a historical context along with religious, cultural, and social issues. You’ll form a deeper understanding of how art contributes to our rapidly changing world and be ready to make your own mark.

Visual Art Program Options

You may choose from two concentrations:

  • Graphic Design consists of courses that teach typography and image construction essential to conveying idea messaging and brand identity. You will use the latest software and technology, and gain valuable experience in web design, digital illustration, animation, image manipulation, and photo restoration.
  • Studio Arts is the broadest area of study within the degree and emphasizes cultivating individual creativity within a contextual understanding of art history and global issues. You will develop your technique in painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, mixed and other media.

Studio Arts with Education Certification for Grades K-12

After completion of the BFA in studio arts concentration, you can enroll in a fifth year of study that will allow you to finish a Master of Arts in Teaching degree and teacher licensure preparation in just one extra year.

Program Highlights

The Visual Art major requires 121 credit hours:

  • 31 credits: General education. Math, English, religious studies, social science or history, natural or physical science
  • 18 credits: Liberal arts. Humanities and social sciences
  • 39 credits: Major requirements
  • 24 credits: Concentrations requirements
  • 9 credits: Electives

You also must complete a body of work and a written thesis culminating in a Senior Exhibition.

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  • Graphic Design — 21 credit hours of art, art history, drawing, and graphic design courses
  • Visual Art — 21 hours of art, art history, and drawing courses

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