Don’t Cancel That Class!

Faculty members, do you have a conference or seminar to attend? Feeling under the weather? Last minute emergency? Let Career Services step in for you. Contact Career Services to schedule a presentation for your class. We can speak on the topic of your choice. Example presentation topics include:

  • “Careers In” Your Academic Area
  • Networking
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Professionalism
  • Career Services Orientation

Please note: We will make every effort to present to your class upon receiving last minute requests. However, with short notice requests there may be scheduling conflicts that prevent us from doing so.

Class Resume Reviews

Contact Cathy Lantrip to schedule a resume writing presentation for your class, or to arrange for reviews of existing students resumes. Students can schedule one-on-one reviews, or faculty can collect resumes and submit to Cathy for a batch review.

Display Career Services Events In Your Classroom

PowerPoint slides advertising this year’s major Career Services events (including Senior Kickoff, Meet The Firms, Engineering Career Day, Grad School Expo, Career & Internship Expo, and others) are available here. Display these slides via your classroom computer in order to promote these events to your classes as they arrive.

Mock Interview Day

To have your class participate in Mock Interview Day, contact Curt Rogers to receive an interview sign-up form.

Include Career Services In Your Syllabus

Simply copy and paste the text below into your syllabus to share information about Career Services with your students:

Career Services empowers CBU students and alumni by providing comprehensive career development services and resources in order to support obtainment of meaningful post-graduate opportunities. Services include: Resume, cover letter, and graduate school essay review, career coaching, practice interviews, the Academic Internship Program, internship/job listings through Handshake, Career and Grad School expos, career assessments, networking and recruiting events.

Office Location: Buckman Hall 207
Contact Information: (901) 321-3330 | |

Career Services Canvas Course

Career Services is now providing CBU faculty and instructors with the opportunity to integrate student career readiness components into existing course content through Canvas modules. To assist with integrating career content within the classroom, Career Services has designed a series of modules that CBU faculty and instructors can add to their existing Canvas courses.

The modules complement the great work that is already happening in the classrooms and research labs across campus. Faculty and instructors are encouraged to utilize these modules as assignments and follow-up with a career-related workshop also offered through Career Services.

Each module comes equipped with an introduction, learning outcomes, multiple resources, and action items, and assessments. Students can complete each module 10 – 20 minutes.

Module One: Introduction to Career Services: This introductory module will walk students through the services and resources offered by the Career Services and connect them with our office. 
Module Two: Self, Major and Career Exploration: Through this module, we will walk students through some steps and exercises to identify a career pathway that fits their unique skills, values, personality and interests. Even if a student already has an idea about their career goals, use this module to help confirm that goal and solidify a career plan to achieve career and professional success.
 Module Three: Exploring Careers While Gaining Experience: In order to be career ready, it is essential to gain relevant experience that aligns with career goals. These experiences will not only solidify a career path, but these experiences will also increase the probability of future success. Through this module, students will learn about the variety of ways to gain experience while solidifying career goals and exploring occupations.
Module Four: Resume Development: A well-drafted resume separates good from great. Compelling resumes are not just summaries of education and work history; they emphasize accomplishments and results and connect skills and experience to an employer’s needs. This module will introduce the best practices in crafting a strong resume.
Module Five: Interview Skills: Interviews may be conducted over the phone, online, in-person, or in a group. Regardless of the format of the meeting, it is important to clearly convey to the interviewer why the employer should hire you and how your skills relate to the position. In this module, we will walk students through achieving interview success. 
Module Six: The Career Launch: In this module, students will learn about techniques and resources to assist them in securing employment upon graduation. We will review networking techniques, explore avenues for locating opportunities and identify resources to use in successfully obtaining job or graduate school placement.

Request a Canvas Module within Your Course

Thank you for your interest in embedding career development into your class or training! We are excited to work with you.

Please take a moment to complete the Module Request Form below so we can begin the integration process.
Career Services Canvas Modules Request Form