When you come to Christian Brothers University, you enter a community that makes a promise about the future that is buttressed by the accomplishments of the past. The University community is not only shepherded by its mission, commitments, and curriculum, but also formed by its heritage, traditions, and values.

The Red Book introduces CBU’s Lasallian Catholic mission and heritage by focusing on St. John Baptist de La Salle and the Christian Brothers. It explains how their mission continues to inspire the University’s person-centered educational philosophy, its insistence on academic excellence and exemplary teaching, and its emphasis on faith, service, and community. The book also shows how the Catholic heritage has shaped CBU’s identity and even informs the University’s welcome of students, faculty, and staff of all faiths and backgrounds.

Part of the Lasallian tradition is to take time out each day and “remember we live in the holy presence of God.” To aid in this practice, the reader will notice that every other page of this book contains a prayer or reflection from De La Salle, sacred scripture, Catholic saints, contemporary prophets, philosophers, theologians, as well as men and women of different faith traditions. 

Want a copy?

You can download a PDF file of The Red Book from the embed above (just click on the arrow in the upper left corner). If you’d like a print edition, contact Campus Ministry at cbuministry@cbu.edu.