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School ofSciences

Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry in the School of Sciences offers two degrees:

You can use the Chemistry degree as preparation for a career in chemistry or biochemistry research, as a pre-med degree, as a pre-pharmacy degree, and as a pre-forensic chemistry degree. Paradigms have been developed for all of these.

The Biochemistry degree is designed to provide you with very strong preparation for both the workplace and professional schools, including pharmacy school or medical school. The program helps you develop a wide range of laboratory skills that are needed in today’s biomedical laboratories, whether they are found in industry or academia.

The Chemistry Department offers courses in all five major areas of chemistry: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry.  It also offers courses in Forensic Chemistry.

The Department also offers, in conjunction with the Department of Education, a five-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Science, a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, and teaching licensure in chemistry or chemistry and biology for grades 7 through 12.

We recently renovated all our laboratories in Assisi Hall, obtained two new labs in the new Cooper-Wilson Center for the Life Sciences and upgraded its major instruments. We now have two labs for the Principles of Chemistry sequence, an Analytical Chemistry Lab, a Biochemistry lab, an Engineering Chemistry lab, an Inorganic Chemistry Lab, an Instrument Lab, an Organic Chemistry lab that contains 18 hoods (one for each student in the lab), and a Physical Chemistry Lab.

As a chemistry or biochemistry major at CBU you have an opportunity to participate in the activities of the chapter of Student Members of the American Chemical Society.

There is tutoring for chemistry courses in CW 207.  For more details, see the Chemistry Tutoring page.

Contact information:

Dr. Dennis Merat, Chair
phone:  901-321-4201