The CBU Health Services Center coordinates and collaborates with officials from the Shelby County Department of Health, the Tennessee Department of Health, Poplar Healthcare, and Methodist Le Bonheur to provide for an array of COVID testing, diagnostic, and tracking-and-tracing services for the CBU community.

Open and regular communication across all areas of the CBU campus is essential as we work together to keep our community healthy. To that end, this dashboard provides regular updates regarding our COVID-19 activity. Since August 2020, CBU has regularly conducted random weekly COVID-19 testing of students and employees. The report below is currently updated weekly and reflects the previous week’s testing activity and reported results. A “CBU COVID-19 Update” email will be distributed weekly to all CBU students, faculty, and staff starting August 20.

Testing Activity and Results

Total Tests at CBU: 3539 / Student Tests at CBU, Past 7 Days: 86 / Employee Tests at CBU, Past 7 Days: 16 / Student Positive Tests, Past 7 Days: 2 / Employee Positive Tests, Past 7 Days: 0 / Total Positive Tests, Past 7 Days: 2 / Student Positive Tests, Past 30 Days: 14 / Employee Positive Tests, Past 30 Days: 2 / Total Positive Tests, Past 30 Days: 16 / Students Currently in Isolation: 4 / Students Currently in Quarantine: 0 / CBU Community Members Hospitalized: 0 (Updated September 24, 2021)
  • Total testing includes both symptomatic and randomized testing done on the CBU campus since August 17, 2020 as well as required NCAA testing for student athletes. It encompasses tests performed on both students and employees.
  • Isolation is used to separate people infected with the virus (those who are sick with COVID-19 and those with no symptoms) from people who are not infected. All students currently in isolation are following CDC and local health authority guidelines to remain separated from others. Isolation periods will be at least 10 days per CDC guidelines but may be longer if the community member is still experiencing symptoms at the end of that period.
  • Quarantine is used to keep someone who might have been exposed to COVID-19 away from others and, per CDC-issued protocols, quarantine is also required for international students arriving in the United States or anyone who has traveled abroad. Updated protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons is available at this link.
  • Positive test results include both tests administered by CBU and our healthcare partners as well as self-reported results from CBU students and employees. All members of the CBU community who test positive are immediately directed to complete the practices of isolation as outlined by the CDC and local health authorities.
  • Should a CBU community member require a COVID-19 test due to close contact or demonstrated symptoms and elect not to provide those test results to the University, they will be required to remain off campus. As stated in The CBU Compact:
    • “All [CBU community members] are prohibited from creating a health or safety hazard on the University campus. CBU may request or require [a community member] to leave the campus if they pose a health or safety risk for community members.”
    • “I will participate in COVID-19 testing as requested and will undertake daily wellness checks as mandated by the University.”

Weekly Community Messages

Each week, CBU will deliver a message from COVID-19 Info with the latest data dashboard and any updates you need to stay safe in our shared Lasallian community. These messages are typically sent on Fridays via the CBU email system and are posted on this website as well as on social media.

If you experience difficulty accessing or reading the data due to a disability, contact for assistance.

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