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Will I be able to take all of my classes online?

By Monday, July 27, students will be able to see which of their registered classes are now online, which are hybrid, and which are still face-to-face. Students who desire a different mode for their courses should look at the University course schedule to see if there are other sections offered that are in their desired format.

What if the course I need is not offered online?

We will be making an online-only request form available to all registered students. The purpose of this form is to provide assistance and advising for change requests. We will do our best to align a student’s desired course format with available options.

I require all of my classes to be online because I have an underlying medical condition. Will all of my classes be online?

Students with underlying medical conditions requiring online instruction as an accommodation will receive priority placement in available online courses. Students with this request should also use the online-only request form to initiate this process.

I’m an international student, and I cannot return to the U.S. because of a travel ban. Will my classes be online?

Along with students requiring medical accommodations, our international students will receive priority placement in online courses. Please use the online-only request form.

If I’m satisfied with the schedule I have, do I have to request a new class schedule? Do I have to reregister for classes?

No. If you like your classes as scheduled, you don’t need to change a thing.

What is CBU doing to ensure that classrooms are safe?

We are putting in place several measures to ensure a safe learning environment. Our classrooms will receive daily deep cleaning, and each room is capped at a maximum capacity for physical/social distancing. Directional signage is in place to manage traffic in and out of buildings and classrooms as well. And masks will be required.

Are masks required in classrooms?

Masks will be mandatory in all public places on campus including classrooms. The University will have a limited emergency supply of masks on hand, but students are expected to acquire their own masks.

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