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School ofBusiness

International Business

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business provides a strong foundation in the current issues and problems that you will encounter in an increasingly global marketplace. By choosing this concentration you have the unique opportunity to learn from the practical application of basic managerial principles. You will also have the opportunity to analyze business activities across cultures, social and environmental consequences of location decisions, and the alternative uses of resources. When you complete this program, you will have the tools needed to make strategic choices required of managers when entering new markets and competing in the overseas environments. An integral component of the program is the required internship or practicum. Both of these will afford you the opportunity to travel overseas and study in different cultural and economic settings.

View or download the sample international business paradigm which shows a normal 4 year progression towards a degree in international business. Some of the courses should be taken in this order due to prerequisite structures, others may be switched. Please see an advisor for more information.

What You'll Study

All business administration majors (121 credits) complete general education and business core courses. Your International Business concentration courses examine a variety of international cultures with particular attention to conducting business in these cultures.

Required General Education & Business Courses

  • General education courses: 31 credits
  • School of Business support courses: 9 credits
    • Applied Math-Intro Calculus, MATH 106
    • Speech Communication, SPCH 125    
    • Business Communication, ENG 371
  • School of Business core courses: 57 credits
    • Financial Accounting, ACCT 260
    • Managerial Accounting, ACCT 270
    • Business Law I, BLAW 301
    • Business Law II, BLAW 302
    • Fundamentals of Business, BUS 103
    • Principles of Microeconomics, ECON 214
    • Principles of Macroeconomics, ECON 215 
    • Financial Management I, FIN 327 or Managerial Economics, ECON 420
    • Financial Management II, FIN 427
    • International Business, MGMT 320
    • Foundations of Management, MGMT 227
    • Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt, MGMT 418
    • Ethical Decision Making in Business, MGMT 430
    • Business Policy, MGMT 498
    • Introduction to Computer Business Applications, MIS 153
    • Introduction to Management Information Systems, MIS 231
    • Principles of Marketing, MKTG 311
    • Elementary Business Statistics, STAT 221
    • Intermediate Business Statistics, STAT 222

International Business Concentration Courses

  • International Business concentration courses: 15 credits
    • International Trade, ECON 422
    • International Financial Management, FIN 437
    • International Marketing, MKTG 438
    • Practicum/Project in Management, MGMT 455
    • Elective: MGMT 453, MGMT 460, ECON 346, or ECON 460
  • Major-specific elective courses: 9 credits