The Avery Apartments provide comfortable living spaces for full-time, currently registered, or recently accepted graduate students.

CBU Avery Apartments

Avery Apartments are fully furnished, with a kitchen and two bedroom living units that can be occupied by 1-2 students. Each apartment is equipped with a microwave oven, a refrigerator, WiFi, utilities, and basic cable, as well as central heating and air. There is also a free laundry facility on the first floor of the apartment complex and free parking available for residents.

Avery Apartments

Each apartment contains

  • Bedroom: One full-size bed, one desk, one desk chair, one chest, one night stand
  • Living Room: One sofa, one sofa chair, one end table, TV stand
  • Dining Area: Kitchen bar, two bar stools, one microwave/cart

Avery Floor Plans

Avery Building Plans

CBU Avery Apartments Living room
CBU Avery Apartments Kitchen with Bar
CBU Avery Apartments Kitchen
CBU Avery Apartments Bedroom
CBU Avery Apartments Living room
CBU Avery Apartments Bathroom