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School ofSciences

Academic Programs

The School of Sciences offers the following bachelor's degree programs (click on the degree to see a sample four-year curriculum).

Sample 4-Year Curricula:

Note: for many professional schools, such as medical school, the particular degree is less important than the courses that you include in the degree.  For more information about preparing for health careers, see the Pre-Health Programs page.  

If you are interested in a program to obtain teaching licensure in Mathematics, click here for a checklist of courses.
If you are interested in a program to obtain teaching licensure in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, click here for a checklist of courses.

The School of Sciences also offers a master's degree program in Physician Assistant Studies. Click here for the seven-semester curriculum.

These degree programs are administered within six departments (click on the name to go to the departmental page):  

The School of Science also offers minors in the following areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Public Health (Science Option)

Minors usually require 21 to 23 hours in the area, with usually 9 hours at the 300+ course level.

Additional contact information about individual departments can be found on their departmental pages.