Agreement with Southern College of Optometry

CBU has entered into an agreement with Southern College of Optometry (SCO). In the past, some CBU students have been accepted into the Southern College of Optometry before graduating from CBU. The Guaranteed Interview Agreement (GIA) formalizes this opportunity for CBU students and extends it to CBU awarding a bachelor’s degree in Natural Science to these students. Below is a quote from the agreement: 

This GIA allows highly qualified CBU students to sit for an Admissions Interview for SCO’s next entering class up to a year earlier than the typcial undergraduate student. This may result in acceptance to SCO following their junior year, reducing their total undergraduate and professional education by one full year. Students who have successfully completed their junior year at CBU, including all GERs and who subsequently obtain their Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree at SCO may be awarded the Bachelor of Science in Natural Science degree by CBU. 

For further information on the agreement with Southern College of Optometry, contact our Admissions Department, the Office of Academics, CBU’s Pre-Health Advisor, or the Dean of the School of Sciences.