Lasallian Advocacy Project 

The Honors Lasallian Advocacy Project exists to provide meaningful space for students to discover their purpose. Over the course of one semester, Honor students will have the opportunity to select a problem in our world today that they want to critically assess. As students look to explore their selected problem, each student will be guided to build solutions through the creation of a targeted goal and outcome that reflects one of our lasallian principles. 

At the end of the year, each Honor student will have the opportunity to present their advocacy project solutions with the CBU community at the Honors Lasallian Advocacy Colloquium where all students may compete to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Selected winners will receive monetary awards towards their selected projects to implement their project solutions. Together and by association, the Honors Lasallian Advocacy Project will work to challenge and support all honors students to become Lasallian Leaders that play an active role in engaging real world problems with real solutions through our city and throughout the world today.

2023 1st Place Winner receiving $500 towards project solution: Julia Kanawati 

Project Presentation: “S.A.B.R (Special Assistance & Better Resources)”
Project Problem: Dismantling stereotypes of children with disabilities in the Muslim community 
Project Solution: Empower and educate the Muslim community by creating an organization (S.A.B.R) that works to promote the unique abilities of children with disabilities 
Lasallian Principle: Inclusive Community 

2nd Place Winner receiving $300 towards project solution: Sophomore, Abdala Jabase & David McKinney (David is not in the Honors Program yet still chose to do the project with Abdala) 

Project Presentation: “Smart Recyling Bin: RECBIN” 
Project Problem:  Climate Change and Lack of Recycling 
Project Solution: Encourage Recyling through technology on campus: creation of RECBIN
Lasallian Principle: Respect for All Persons 

3rd Place Winner receiving $200 towards project solution: Freshmen, Kaitlyn McKinnis 

Project Presentation: “Unemployment Rates Among College-Educated Professionals with Disabilities” 
Project Problem: Lack of Awareness & Knowledge about individuals with Disabilities 
Project Solution: Partnership with Career Services to develop a brochure of resources and information on adults with disabilities to help better inform employers 
Lasallian Principle: Respect for All Persons 

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