If you are able to demonstrate a high level of academic ability and motivation, we encourage you to apply. The selection process weighs several factors, including ACT/SAT scores (ACT or equivalent of 26 or above), high school GPA (3.5 or above), extracurricular involvement, and demonstration of writing ability. If you are currently enrolled at CBU but are not a member of the Honors Program, we encourage you to apply if you meet the above requirements or feel that you have other academic qualifications that make you eligible. 

There is no hard deadline, but students are encouraged to apply by March 1 for fall admission to the program.

Academic Development

At CBU, our Honors curriculum is designed to create space for CBU students to enter into a deeper understanding of special topics and courses designed to reflect our Lasallian Principles. Each semester students accepted into the Honors Program take at least one special-topics course offered only to a limited number of Honors students by an instructor carefully chosen for his or her teaching expertise. Honors courses explore important topics in depth, often through a multi-disciplinary approach, and while the pace and the workload will demand self-motivated students, the small size of each Honors class insures ample group discussion and individual interaction with the instructor. Besides taking honors classes, members of the Honors Program participate in various co-curricular activities to complement their classroom experiences to advance their learning through special programs held on campus and off campus, including regional honors conferences.

CBU Honors Program Diploma Requirements

Honors Program Requirements

Holistic Development

Living on Campus

Want to live in community with your fellow honors students? The Honors Living Learning Community is the fit for you! Live amongst other students in the Honors Program while studying, deepening relationships, and connecting with other students at CBU!

Leadership & Professional Development

Honors Peer Mentorship Program

As a Peer Mentor, students meet, connect, and establish a strong relationship with their fellow peer, creating a strong support system for each students as they transition to college and find their groove on campus!

Students are encouraged to apply to serve as a peer mentor to their fellow students in the Honors Program! Each year, a group of committed students are selected to serve as Honors Peer Mentors to incoming students in the program.

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