Honors Advising 

All CBU Honors students receive both major specific and Honors Advising. Honors Advising is available to all Honors students and takes place to help you determine which Honors classes you’d like to take, review degree requirements and course selections, and connect you to resources for academic and personal success. 

Honors Diploma Options

As a CBU Honor student, you can customize your learning experience in several different ways. First, students are given the opportunity to determine which Honors Diploma track they would like to pursue. Once this is selected, students will then have the opportunity to determine which courses and co-curricular experiences they would like to add to their Honors experience to become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue their career field of interest. 

Honors Courses 

The CBU Honors Program offers smaller course sections for Honor students in a variety of disciplines each semester. Through priority registration, Honor students have first access to confirming their course schedules to ensure they are able to adequately meet their Honors and Major specific requirements. It is recommended that Honor students take at least one Honors course a semester. To review the list of Honors courses published each term, students may do so through the Registrars website. Once the semester you are looking to register for is selected, highlight all subjects with your mouse and then scroll down to attribute type. Click Honors Class and then the button Class Search and a list of Honors courses will populate for you. 

To begin making progress towards one’s Honors requirements, 1st and 2nd year Honor students are encouraged to take Honors courses that satisfy their general education requirements for English Literature and Religious Studies. As this foundation is built, upperclassmen in their 3rd and 4th year are then encouraged to take Honors courses that are specific to their major. 

Upper level major specific courses that are not designated as Honor classes may be turned into an Honors course through completing an Honors Contract. An Honors Contract allows Honor students to take upper level Honors courses by working one on one with a faculty member in a research area of their interest. Together, the Honor student and the faculty member identify an Honors component or project for the Honors student to complete throughout the course of the semester to in return, obtain Honors credit. 

Honors Co-Curriculum 

Each semester, CBU Honors students are challenged to grow in their leadership and professional competencies. From building communication skills to gaining confidence in their ability to work on a team, students strengthen their holistic development by participating in various programs, events, and workshops that work to crystalize their learning outside of the classroom. All Honor students are required to obtain six co-curricular learning experiences of their choice each semester. The purpose of these co-curricular learning experiences is to help each student become well rounded in the following professional leadership competencies needed in order to become career ready post-graduation:

Critial thinking, Communication, Leadership,Self Awareness, Teamwork, Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Technology, Professionalism

To provide Honor students with the opportunity to practice learning these competencies throughout their collegiate experience, these six co-curricular experiences, otherwise known as participation points, can be met by any number of the following ways: 

  • Honors Courses 
  • Honors Events 
  • Career Services Workshops  
  • Departmental Educational Programs 
  • Presenting at a Professional Conference 
  • Completing an Academic Internship 
  • Completing a service learning experience or community service 
  • Completing a Study Abroad experience 

Honors Introductory Course 

Honors CBU 101 serves as an introduction to the CBU Honors Program and is required for all first-year Honors students during their first semester of acceptance to the Honors Program. 

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