Air Force, Army, or Navy ROTC

At CBU, you have the opportunity to enroll in Air Force, Army, or Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Memphis. After you successfully complete the reserve office training program and your undergraduate degree at CBU, you’ll receive a commission as a second lieutenant or ensign in the selected military service.

When you participate in a Reserve Officer Training Corps program, you must complete all requirements as specified by the military service departments, including summer training camps, if the commission as an officer is to be granted. Enrollment in either of these two years does not entail any commitment to the Army, Air Force, or Navy.

As a freshmen or sophomore, you may register for Aerospace Studies (Air Force), Military Science (Army) and Naval Science (Navy) courses at the same time you register for other courses. Although you’ll take the Reserve Officer Training Corps courses at the University of Memphis, you’ll still be a full-time student at CBU, and any financial assistance provided by the military services is based on tuition and fees at CBU. Credit for these courses counts toward the degree being earned at CBU. In addition, you’ll be eligible to apply for AFROTC, AROTC, or NROTC scholarships.

All uniform items are provided by the University of Memphis, where the courses are held.

Contact Us:

Please contact Randall Pelham, MSgt. USMC (Ret.), Director of Veteran Services, at if you have any questions or are in need of any assistance.

Randall Pelham
Director of Veteran Services, Registrar’s Office