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“For of those to whom much is given, much is required”

CBU is certainly not known for being a mediocre university. If you achieve a bachelor’s or master’s degree, it has come with hard work, sacrifice, and support from a host of faculty, staff, and even fellow students. Students and parents often share with me how grateful they are for the members of the faculty who arrive early or stay late to be sure they are available to any student who needs assistance. There is a real gratitude from our students for their teachers who personally know their names and want them to excel. In talking with faculty, they are equally grateful to the students who are well-prepared for class and fully engaged in their area of study. There is a sense of mutual appreciation for each other, everyone giving their best.

Grateful alumni visit CBU for planned events with fellow classmates, as well as those who might be passing through Memphis and just want to see the campus after many years of being away. Each alum, young or old, has such an immense gratitude that many are are moved in their emotions as they recount a Christian Brother or a faculty member who made a life-long impression on their university experience. So many of these alumni have become amazing leaders in their own families, in the business world, and are giving back to their own communities all across the United States and even the world. Their appreciation for CBU is extraordinary.

I know how the Christian Brothers and a good education have shaped my own life. I know that without the influence of the Brothers, I wouldn’t have formed the same foundation on which I have built a family, a career, my commitment to service, and my own faith-formation. My gratitude and thankfulness is immeasurable.

As you reflect on your own CBU experience, I would ask that you also reflect on the words, “For of those to whom much is given, much is required.” At CBU, we want to provide the very best experience for all of our students. If you have “been given much” from CBU, join me in making a gift of thanks. 

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