Signum Fidei Fund for Student Needs

Christian Brothers University established a Student Emergency Fund at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the most pressing needs of our students related to its unprecedented challenges.

Since renamed the Signum Fidei Student Support Fund, its broader mission today is to provide emergency financial assistance to proactively address the needs of our students who are facing immediate financial hardship. Created to assist with COVID-19 expenses, which may still occur during spike periods of the virus, it is now also used for unexpected difficult circumstances like the loss of a family member, natural disasters, and unhealthy living situations or food insecurity.

While our faculty and staff are doing all they can to continue to provide the highest quality education, many students still need help to make it through their day-to-day life while continuing their education. Some need web cameras, computers, and software to be able to continue their progression towards graduation. Others have lost jobs as businesses have closed, leaving them in desperate need of assistance for basic living needs like purchasing food and paying rent.

Your gift to this student emergency fund will provide assistance for students with critical financial shortages — 100% of all gifts will support our students’ most pressing needs as they face new challenges in a rapidly changing world.

We know we can rely on the compassion of our Lasallian community to help one another as we have in the past.  Your gift will help our students navigate this difficult time. Follow the link below and select “Student Emergency Fund” from the Designation menu.

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