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What is Day of Giving?

Day of Giving is when members of the CBU community come together for 24 short hours to make a lasting impact on our beloved Christian Brothers University. It’s an opportunity during our Founder’s Week to recognize our rich history and plan for a bright future.

What does Day of Giving support?

Every corner of campus! Gifts made on Day of Giving go to the CBU Forward, the 2023-24 campaign designed to preserve and protect the important work of the university. Your donations go to Academic Enrichment, Student Life, Scholarships, Athletics, and Campus & Facilities. Your gifts ensure 150 more years of Lasallian education here in Memphis.

How do I make my post stand out?

Make it personal! Share why you donate to CBU and why it’s important for others to do the same. How has Christian Brothers University set you up for success? What does a Lasallian education mean to you? Even a treasured CBU memory is a great way to let others know the impact being a Buc has had on you! Tell your followers to make their gift at!

Downloadable Social Media Assets

Use these graphics on your social media posts to encourage your friends and family to participate in #CBUDayofGiving! You can download them by following these instructions:

  • On iPhone, tap and hold the image, and then tap “Save to Photos.”
  • On Android, tap and hold the image, and then tap “Download image.”
  • On desktop, right-click (or control-click) the image and select “Save Image as…” and choose a location to save it.
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