Dr. Cynthia Alexander Mitchell is an Associate Professor of Education in the Rosa Deal School of Arts and also serves as Graduate Director of the master’s degree and licensure-only programs in the Department of Education.

Cynthia Alexander-Mitchell Portrait

Prior to joining the full-time faculty at Christian Brothers University in 2021, Dr. Mitchell served for 25 years in various roles in the field of public education locally — as a teacher, principal, and in administrative positions with Memphis and Shelby County Schools that included Assistant Superintendent of Academics and Manager of the Office of Schools and Leadership. She is credited with successfully managing approximately 700 school and district partnerships that had an excess of $1.3 million dollars in donations, grants, and services annually as the Director of Family and Community Engagement. Dr. Mitchell is also a trained state examiner for the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence.

Her diverse roles during her career have led her to develop a deep passion for research, leadership development, and strategic realignment of departments, organizations, and systems through creative innovations. She has been labeled by colleagues as a “Leader’s Coach and Strategist.” Her expertise in leadership, teaching, and family and community engagement received numerous national, state, and local awards for student achievement, inclusive leadership, and establishing cultural and equitable practices in leadership — including being recognized as an EPIC Award Winner by National New Leaders for New Schools and as a Reward School Principal by the Tennessee Department of Education, which also presented her an award for Inclusionary Leadership. The Equity Alliance Center at Arizona State University also recognized her as a recipient of its National Equity Advocate Spotlight award.

I have also had the blessed opportunity to serve as a local and national presenter and consistently share my philosophy that embodies the belief that everyone can experience individual success. My publishing experience includes co/contributing author of four books and serving as a contributing writer for scholarly publications and online professional development modules that support leadership development.

Part of her philosophy is an unwavering commitment to assist in creating the best teaching and learning environments by ensuring opportunities for academic, social, and emotional success for all students. This is accomplished through clearly stating expectations, creating innovative plans, providing necessary resources, facilitating and planning staff development, and analyzing data to make informed decisions.

Dr. Mitchell is a wife, foster/adoptive mother, minister, educator, and friend who loves to assist in creating and developing opportunities for purposeful success for others. She currently serves as an Associate Minister at Christ Missionary Baptist Church and works with several local and national faith-based initiatives. Her personal commitment to see God’s people succeed and become their best is present in both ministry and her career as an educator. Over the past two decades, she has served in various roles to support the spiritual development of others. She is currently a member of the global leadership team for She Loves Out Loud (SLOL) Women’s Ministry, which spans six contents around the world. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the ARISE2Read children’s literacy program.

Dr. Mitchell currently teaches graduate courses in topics that include School Leadership, Urban Education, Managing the Modern School, and Administrative Professional Experience. She was recently elected to serve as Vice President of the CBU Faculty Assembly for the 2023-24 academic year.