I credit CBU for helping me find my passion in teaching! When I started teaching over 13 years ago in the graduate program, I found that I loved teaching accounting. I love my students and the experience I have working with them.

Dr. Jennifer Weske is a Professor of Accounting and Director of the Master of Accountancy Program at CBU. In 2013, she was tasked with starting a master’s program at CBU and created one of the first Forensic Accounting degrees at the graduate level. The degree’s purpose was to give new accountants the additional analysis, litigation, and fraud skills they would need to navigate today’s increased number of fraud and financial statement manipulation cases.

Dr. Weske was no stranger to forensic accounting before coming to CBU. She began her professional career as a CPA in Computer Risk Management with Arthur Andersen & Co. There, she examined computer-based controls and worked with data to gain evidence for lawsuits. Forensic accounting appealed to her because it required enhanced critical thinking skills and reminded her of putting together a complicated puzzle.

Her passion for teaching led her to earn a doctorate and several certifications, including Certified Fraud Examiner, a Chartered Global Management Accountant, and her most recent Certified Forensic Accounting certification. Dr. Weske felt compelled to earn the Certified Forensic Accountant certification when it became available because she believes it benefits students If she stays current in her field. 

Forensic accounting is also her favorite area of accounting. “It’s a great conversation starter! This area of accounting is attractive and exciting. It allows me to share my own experiences in forensic accounting and expert witness testimony as a conduit to emphasize the importance of gaining the foundational knowledge.”

Still as passionate as when she started, Dr. Weske is currently working with the American Board of Forensic Accounting to develop a Cyber Accounting Certification. She’s also broadened her teaching to include a state-specific ethics course for the Tennessee Society of CPAs over the past eight years. She’s created training with the Tennessee State Board and travels the state to deliver presentations to other CPAs. She also finds time to get involved with area high schools to help grow the profession through new college graduates.

Above all, Dr. Weske values her relationships with students and how her teaching can influence them. “I love CBU and the opportunities to help others grow into a new profession and develop a passion for helping others.”

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