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Summer Courses

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July Term (July 7- August 9)

ACCT 270. Managerial Accounting

BIOL112. Principles of Biology II

BIOL 112L. Principles of Biology II Lab

CHEM 114. Principles of Chemistry II

CHEM 114L. Principles of Chemistry II Lab

CHEM 212. Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 212L. Organic Chemistry II Lab

ECE 222. Electric Circuit Analysis II

ECON 215. Principles of Macroeconomics

ENG 211. Introduction to Literature I. Online course.

ENG 212. Introduction Literature II. Online course.

MATH 132. Calculus II

MATH 232. Calculus III

ME 318. Dynamics of Machines

MGMT 320. International Business

MKTG 311. Principles of Marketing

PHIL 322. Medical Ethics. Online course.

PHYS 251. Physics II

PHYS 251L. Physics II Laboratory

RS 217. Old Testament-Hebrew Scripture. Online course.

RS 270. World Religions

SPAN 102. Elementary Spanish II. Online course.

SPAN 387. Hispanic Culture & Film. Online course.

STAT 222. Intermediate Business Statistics

THEA 221. Acting I

Summer 8-Week Term (June 1 - July 26)

CS 172. Fundamentals of Computer Sc.

CS 172L. Fundamentals of Comp Sci Lab

ENG 371. Business Communications. Online course.

GS 200. Foundations of Global Studies. Online course.

HIST 107. World History to 1500

NURS 312. Health Assessment. Online course.

PHIL 219. Social/Political Philosophy. Online course.

PSYC 105. General Psychology

PSYC 440. Cognitive Psychology

RS 285. Church in the World. Online course.

SOC 101. Introduction to Sociology

Summer Education 4-Week Terms

EDUC 405. Curriculum & Methods in Language Arts Pre K-4 (June 29 - July 26)

EDUC 406. Curriculum & Methods in Language Arts 6-8 (June 1 - 28)

EDUC 407. Classroom Management & Methods (June 7/26)