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Graduate Education Programs


Graduate Programs in Education at Christian Brothers University aim to engage men and women in a self-reflective process of lifelong learning characterized by integrity, competence, compassion, creativity, and leadership. The goals of the Graduate Programs in Education are to prepare individual educators to reflect the values and traditions of the Christian Brothers, to work effectively and collaboratively in rapidly changing schools and related settings, and to prepare educators and others for positions of leadership. 

Education programs at the graduate level include the: 

The NCATE/ CAEP visit occurred April 21-23, 2015. Results of the findings indicated that the CBU Department of Education has met all 6 NCATE standards. Full accreditation decisions were made public in the fall of 2015. As part of our on-going accreditation, CAEP requires universities to post candidate scores for public information. Read our candidate performance overview (PDF) for the past 3 years.

The education department at Christian Brothers University is currently accredited by NCATE but will be moving to accreditation under the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) during the next cycle of accreditation. As part of the preparation for CAEP accreditation, the department is asked to rank itself on eight annual reporting measures and provide this information to the public. These 8 measures are:

1.    Impact that completers’ teaching has on P-12 learning and development
2.    Indicators of teaching effectiveness
3.    Results of employer surveys, and including retention and employment milestones
4.    Results of completer surveys
5.    Graduation rates from preparation programs
6.    Ability of completers to meet licensing (certification) and any additional state requirements
7.    Ability of completers to be hired in education positions for which they are prepared
8.    Student loan default rates and other consumer information

This PDF link includes the data for the 8 annual measures. 

CBU Department of Education is a proud partner of the Maxine Smith STEAM Academy. STEAM has partnered with CBU faculty and staff to engage STEAM students in labs, workshops, and research. This wonderful group of educators is known as the "STEAM Team"!