Dual Enrollment Guidelines: There are two ways for your students to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program at CBU:

  • Courses taught at the high school by an approved teacher following a CBU-approved syllabus
  • Courses taught on CBU’s campus

If you choose to teach the courses at your high school with an approved syllabus, you are required follow the instructions listed below. Failure to include all the requested information and paperwork may result in a delay.

Instructions for Courses Taught at Your School

Step 1: Determine if you meet Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) qualifications to instruct at the college level. An instructor of a dual enrollment course must have a master’s degree and a minimum of 18 hours in the discipline or equivalent experience.

Step 2: Host an internal discussion with all relevant colleagues (department chairs, guidance counselors, curriculum directors, and other necessary administrators from your high school) to consider your school’s interest in the dual enrollment program at CBU and your ability to meet dual enrollment guidelines and expectations.

Step 3: Contact the Assistant Director of Pathway Programs at CBU to discuss specific dual enrollment guidelines, curriculum and credentialing requirements, and course expectations. Request a current syllabus used by CBU faculty for each course you choose to incorporate into your curriculum.

Step 4: Review a CBU course syllabus for each course you choose, comparing it to the corresponding high school course. Model each of your courses to match the CBU course standards as listed in our syllabus. Format your course syllabus according to the CBU common course syllabus.

Step 5: Complete the adjunct faculty application packet. This can be picked up in Buckman Hall 322 or by contacting the Assistant Director of Pathway Programs at CBU. We will need the application, current CV, data record form, all transcripts both undergraduate and graduate, course syllabus, and Early College Approval Form. It is recommended that test and evaluation processes and projects be submitted as well.

Step 6: The Assistant Director of Pathway Programs will confirm that all of your paperwork has been received. It will be forwarded to the department chair for approval. The appropriate academic dean will approve the instructor, course, and syllabus with the final approval from the Vice President for Academics.

You will be notified if any changes to the syllabus are needed. Once a decision is reached, the high school will be notified of acceptance or denial into the program.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: August 1
Spring Semester: December 1
Summer Semester: May 1

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