• You must complete the dual enrollment application.
  • You will be notified if your application is incomplete – missing signatures, official transcripts, or requested information.
  • Your social security number is required.
  • Official transcripts must bear your high school’s stamp or seal, or a certifying official’s signature. Faxed or photocopied transcripts are not acceptable.
  • Official transcripts and ACT/ SAT scores  can be email to dual@CBU.edu or PBingham@CBU.edu
  • It is your responsibility to request transcripts, scores, and signatures from the appropriate schools or offices

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: August 1
Spring Semester: December 1
Summer Semester: April 1

Once your application has been processed, Paula Bingham, Asst. Director of Pathway Programs,  will let you know your status and, if you’ve been accepted, register you for classes.

Junior Students

  1. Submit the dual enrollment application.
  2. Official transcripts and ACT/ SAT scores can be emailed to dual@CBU.edu or PBingham@CBU.edu
  3. Apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant online through the TSAC website.

Senior Students

  1. Only fill out this application if you took classes through CBU in the fall or spring of this current academic year.
  2. Submit the dual enrollment application.
  3. Apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant online through the TSAC website.
  4.  Questions? Reach out to Paula Pingham, Asst. Director of Pathways Programs, (901)321-3265 or PBingham@CBU.edu.
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