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Surface Water Institute

Who We Are

The Surface Water Institute at CBU is an inter-agency research center under the Science and Water Resource Advisory Board. The institute works on complex surface water issues and provides a platform for addressing critical surface water resource challenges facing the Greater Memphis Metro-Region. This is done through collaboration, research, and project development.

What We Do

The main functions of the Surface Water Institute are to:

  • Identify, develop, and implement effective management strategies that address our stakeholders’ watershed quality challenges.
  • Assist local, state, federal and private agencies with water quality and quantity evaluations, including watershed assessments and plans.
  • Identify the shared interests, needs, and opportunities in watershed management from among diverse groups.
  • Perform as the watershed agency of choice for the Greater Memphis Metro-Region.
  • Define watershed stewardship and management criteria for the area’s environmental, social, and economic benefit.
  • Provide a leadership platform for organizing water governance programs that promote sustainable water balance, quality, and health.

Current Projects

  • City of Memphis, QA/QC Drainage Plan Study - $375,200
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Arlington Floodplain Mapping, Response, and Education Effort - $113,300