“Some of my best time at CBU was spent with my ZTA sorority sisters in Buckman Hall at our weekly meetings and during all of our special ceremonies. I have many great memories of hanging out with friends at Sofapalooza and going to basketball and soccer games at CBU. I made a lifelong friendship with my suitemate, Anna, that began in our dorm at Maurelian Hall. Her friendship and influence is one of the things that motivated me to do well at CBU. There are so many more experiences that CBU gave me that I could not have gotten anywhere else.”

As a Psychology major at CBU, Michelle Rivas was active in not only Zeta Tau Alpha but also the Psychology Club, Intercultural Club, and the Student Activities Council. She also participated in September of Service every year. During her senior year, she served an internship with the Deneuville Learning Center, founded by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd to guide women from all backgrounds and cultures in learning the skills needed to make positive choices for themselves and their families.

When she graduated from CBU in 2015, Michelle began her first year in “the real world” with an internship at the Collegiate School of Memphis. She began substitute teaching and working in the business and registrar’s office, completing various tasks and projects from a behind-the-scenes perspective at a small private school in the heart of Memphis. The following school year, she accepted a position as the 6th Grade Science and Social Studies teacher, as well as the National Junior Honor Society Sponsor.

While teaching, Michelle also pursued her Master of Arts in Education at Union University and graduated in 2018. After five years of teaching 6th grade, she began her current position at the Collegiate School as College and Career Counselor. She also serves as the school’s Intern Coordinator, Spanish translator, and National Junior Honor Society Sponsor.

Spurred by her active participation in September of Service at CBU, Michelle now volunteers for the Collegiate School’s service day every semester, where participants serve organizations in the Memphis community such as SOS, The Heights CDC, and many others.

CBU taught me many things and among them was how to be responsible, and flexible and to maintain good relationships with the people who are important to me.